Sea Kayak Safety & Rescue

You don’t really want to lead others, but you do want to know what to do when it all goes wrong. Or, even better still, how to prevent things from going wrong in the first place. You want to be able to perform what we call ‘Combat Rescues’ in the rough.

During this one day sea safety and rescue course, you will learn how to collate all of the information required to head out onto the ocean safely. You will learn of the many organisations that are there to assist you if you need to call for assistance. You will learn the difference between a pro-active and an in-active rescue, and then practice these techniques in areas where you might just need them. You will gain practical experience in the use of a tow line or throw bag and understand just why we follow strict rescue protocols that prevent situations from getting worse.

If you like to paddle solo, you will also be shown how to operate within your L.A.R and to develop strategies in sea survival as well as a variety of self-rescue techniques.

This course is a real investment into your paddling portfolio.

Course Dates

Course Length 1 Day
Course Dates 3rd April 2021
Cost £195
Places Available 6

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