Safety & Rescue

We run a number of safety and rescue courses to help you stay safe while in open water. Details of these courses are below.

Safety & Rescue Courses

Sea Kayak Safety & Rescue

You don’t really want to lead others, but you do want to know what to do when it all goes wrong. Or, even better still, how to prevent things from going wrong in the first place.

2 Day Course:

Sea Survival

This One Day Course follows the ISKGA sea survival syllabus. Jeff developed this course alongside Dave Whiddon, Sea Survival trainer for the RNLI.

1 Day Course:

Incident Management

Incidents do occur at sea. We try to avoid them, but you can guarantee that one day, big or small, an incident is going to happen. You need to prepare in advance for that day.

2 or 5 Day Course:

Rough Water Rescue

The Rough Water rescue course is designed to develop a paddlers ability to rescue themselves as well as other paddlers in conditions where capsizes will in reality occur and where rescues need to be both quick and effective.

2 Day Course:

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