Polar Night Expedition

So preparations are underway to develop a new expedition package, harnessing several different methods to journey through the Arctic North. Working alongside of experts in their own particular fields, I am hoping that some of their skills will rub off on me. Tore Albrigtsen of Active Tromso has been a wilderness Guide for most of his life and he is still as passionate and devoted to the outdoor life as when he first stepped through the door to the mountains. Bjørn Eines is another man committed to the mountains and Fjords of the North, Bjørn, along with Nick Arding and adventurer Peter Bray, are helping me to develop my ski skills and all of this is about gaining the experience to traverse the land bridge between the Barents Sea to the North and the Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea to the south, so that I can set off again in my kayak, to continue exploring the coastline of the Scandinavian Peninsular.

So what is this Polar Night Expedition all about I can hear you ask?

Well it seems to me that the back deck of a sea kayak is just the right length to carry a set of ski’s and ever since watching ‘Call of the Wild’ as a young boy, I have wanted to experience life in the north and my love of dogs, well the two just marry up together, so when Bjørn introduced me to Tore, the table was set and plans began to form. To harness all of our passions and skill sets and together we are developing an expedition to embrace all three. This first expedition will be held beneath the ‘Blue Sky’ of the Arctic North of Norway and is a test expedition. We are hoping to experience Humpack and Orca whales, feasting on the Herring which are abundant in the fjords of Kvaloya and Senja, the Aurora Borealis, sending magical spirits into the heavens above will hopefully be viewed above, while we sea kayak, ski and sled ourselves on an expedition to explore this area which was originally home to the Sami and the Norsemen of old.