Personal Coaching and Guiding

One to one coaching & guiding service, offering a bespoke progression in individuals paddling skills and personal expedition experience.

Many paddlers already understand exactly what their requirements are, and these requirements do not fit into a box that has already been created, or they want to have the one to one experience where attention is not divided in that student to coach relationship, if you fall into this category and wish to benefit from a more bespoke experience where you are the focus of the experience, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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Surfing for Sea Kayakers

Cornwall is certainly the best location in the UK for surf  We have a variety of beaches to choose from, so you can guarantee that if there is surf in the forecast, we can find the right venue for your requirements. The Zurf Zone is one of the best environments for a sea kayaker to improve their skills in, as it makes you use all of the strokes available to you and it pressure tests these strokes to the point where you have no option but to perform or potentially swim, but swimming is half of the fun and when you do take a swim (we all do occasionally) we will teach you how to perform effectively and safely to regain the shore. The course is aimed at paddlers working towards their sea proficient level or intermediate paddlers that want to build their confidence in the surf.

We will also teach you all of the theory behind the surf zone and methods to rescue both yourself and other group members in this most dynamic of environments.

Advanced & Intermediate Sea Kayaking

Maybe you do not follow a prescribed syllabus, written by a national governing body or kayaking club, and you are not interested in accumulating certificates, but you may have been paddling for a while now and you wish to find out the things which you may have missed along the way. You wish to advance your personal skills, to stretch that comfort zone further, so that you can enjoy more dynamic waters, if this is the case, the intermediate of the advanced course may well be the course for you. During these courses we cover, tide races, surf zone, rock gardens and rescues in more dynamic environments (where real rescues are needed) It may be that you are working towards an award and you just wish to accumulate greater knowledge and practical application of techniques, if so this course is for you.  At the advanced level the coaching on this course will aim take you into conditions where waves will be breaking and the tide will be moving so you will need to already have experience in bracing and rolling techniques. At the intermediate level the course will look to introduce you to moderate conditions, preparing you for more advanced waters to come.

All of these bespoke courses are tailored to meet your requirements and can be developed for you the individual or for a group of friends who wish to train learn and together

Personal Guiding

Guiding others on the ocean, is for me an area that I cherish the most in sea kayaking. Being able to take a fellow sea kayaker to that place which I call ‘the wow factor’ that area of outstanding natural beauty or exposing them to an adventure, tailor made for them or their group, is always, an honour and a privilege.

I have been guiding for over twenty years, guiding individuals and groups all around the UK and further afield, to many places around the world, from Chile to Alaska, Japan to South Georgia, wherever it is you wish to paddle I can help you to make that dream come true.

With more than 20,000 nautical miles of expedition paddling beneath my keel, you can rely on my experience to make your adventure, run smoothly and to maximise your experience.

Past bespoke expeditions have been run for private groups to Scotland, Norway and Alaska and I have guided for the military on numerous expeditions, some of them military re-enactments, like retracing the Blondie Hasler epic ‘The Cockleshell Heroes raid’ on the Gironde River in the infamous Bay of Biscay, as well guiding for school groups working towards D 0f E awards and kayaking clubs wishing to broaden their experiences.

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“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.” – Edward Abbey