Paddle & Progress

To progress your sea kayaking in the most effective way, Jeff has developed a series of courses which he only runs several times a year. These courses do not just follow a set syllabus, but also draws upon more than twenty years of professional, hard earned experience during more than 20,000 miles of expedition paddling. During the course Jeff will also utilise the very best of environments available to the sea kayaking community, whether it’s the tide races of Anglesey, the surf beaches of the South West, or the rock gardens of Cornwall. Jeff will match your requirements to the best possible location and share with you as much knowledge and experience as he can. Jeff works on a low coach to client ratio on all of these courses to ensure that you are benefitting from the maximum amount of input he can give and you are guaranteed on the water satisfaction.

Paddle Progress Courses

Paddle Progress 1 (Intermediate)

This intermediate sea kayaking course is the course which offers the greatest level of growth in an ‘Improving Paddlers’ schedule.

Paddle Progress 2 (Advanced)

This Advanced sea kayak course is for those paddlers who are looking for a dynamic, rough water experience. During this course we will venture into tide races and over falls, the surf zone and rock gardens and, if the weather permits, plan and execute real open water crossings.

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.” – Edward Abbey