Paddle Progress 1 (Intermediate)

This intermediate sea kayaking course is the course which offers the greatest level of growth in an ‘Improving Paddlers’ schedule. Having learnt the strokes, you will now start to:

  • Put them into practice in places where you will need to use them.
  • During the course, we will start to encounter moving water; the flow of the tide, the breaking wave, and the undulating swell. You will begin to understand why we sometimes use a cross bow rudder, instead of a stern pry. You will learn to naturally link your strokes into a blend of motion.
  • Navigation and the planning of a journey will be introduced as well as aspects of sea safety. Incorporating a variety of rescues and survival strategies for that time when Neptune takes over and tries to take the shine off your day.

Course Dates

Course Length 5 Day
Course Dates 8th-12th March 2021

6th-10th September 2021

Cost £395
Places Available 6

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