Incident Management – Safety & Rescue

Incidents do occur at sea. We try to avoid them, but you can guarantee that one day, big or small, an incident is going to happen. You need to prepare in advance for that day.

No one is better known within the kayaking community than Jeff Allen, for his five day Incident Management course now forms the back-bone of the ISKGA Guide Program. Jeff has been delivering this program worldwide for the last 16 years and has delivered it all over the world.

This four day course introduces you to a variety of methods to exercise effective leadership in a crisis situation, performing under pressure. On the course you will develop a logical step by step thought process, a simple and easy process that allows for rapid decision making, helping you to prevent incidents from spiralling out of control.

You will learn how to control and overcome ‘Adrenal fix’ and you will be exposed to a variety of rescue and evacuation strategies. You shall then take all of this knowledge and start to practise scenario based incidents in a variety of environments. This course is strongly recommended for anyone working towards a leadership award and for group paddlers who wish to greater understand the leadership process; after all, understanding at all levels allows for great group performance overall.

Course Dates

Course Length 4 Days
Course Dates 20/10/20 – 23/10/20
Cost £395
Places Available 8

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