Discover Cornwall


Discover Cornwall


29th March – 2nd April 2021 

5th April – 9th April 2021

Price: 2/5 days £195 or £395


Cornwall has the best coastline and surf beaches in Britain; the coastline is gentle in the south and rugged and wild in the north, the surf zone is dynamic and provides the sea kayaker one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences there is in the sport. As well as being incredibly good fun, it is one of the best environments where the sea kayaker can further develop his skills and understanding of dynamic wave action. On this course you will not only explore the beautiful coastal environment but you will also learn how to ride a wave, you will also learn how to read this amazing environment. You will learn about the different wave types, the nature and types of rip currents, the effects of an off shore wind, and why sea bed morphology is so important to understand. The expedition can be wild camping or be centred out of local campsite or B&B accommodation, you just need to contact me to discuss options.

During the course you will be taught how and when you need to commit to rescues, how to escape from a rip, when not to tow in the surf, and where to gather information to choose for yourself, an appropriate play venue.

This course/expedition can be run over two or five days and is available at various times throughout the year.

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