Expedition Skills

This course is aimed at developing skills that assist the sea kayaker in maintaining a degree of comfort, sustainability, and resources to assist him or her in life whilst on a sea kayaking expedition.

The course covers Protection, Rescue, Water, Combustion, and Food, which are the backbone elements that form the system requirements for an ISKGA guide.

  • Protection – This equates to group and individual protection techniques against environmental issues such as foul weather. It looks at shelters, types of tents, tarps, and improvised emergency shelters.
  • Rescue – The course looks at rescue equipment and the developments of EAP (emergency action plans) and how to implement these.
  • Water is all about keeping the group and yourself safely hydrated and covers sourcing and treatment issues.
  • Combustion covers fire lighting techniques; both traditional techniques as well as more modern methods of creating a fire for cooking, for signalling, and for warmth.
  • Food is all about preparation; planning your dietary requirements on a multi-day expedition as well as looking into foraging and fishing techniques.

Course Dates

Course Length 3 Days
Course Dates 17th – 19th October 2022
Cost £425
Places Available 6

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