Coastal Guide Training

The ISKGA Coastal Guide training program runs over a four to five week period and follows the ISKGA modular system.

Depending on your progress throughout the course, you may be able to take your ISKGA Coastal Guide assessment at the end of your course. If not, you will be invited to return within 6-18 months’ time to do so. This is because the course is aimed at the working commercial guide; working in a remote coastal environment and is guiding at the highest professional level. If you are attending this course in the UK, you need to already hold your British Canoeing Coastal Sea Kayak award and your BC Sea Kayak Leader award. For more information on the award go to:

Course Dates

Course Length 23 Days
Course Dates 1st October to 23rd October 2022
Cost £1550
Places Available 6

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