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Expedition Paddler will guide you along an incredible coastline when you undertake one of the British Canoeing Guide Modules. Whether you are searching for a skilled instructor to help you learn how to kayak or coach you through advanced conditions, you will find a module suited to your level of experience. You can gain an overview of each module below and are welcome to contact Expedition Paddler for further information.

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Camp Craft and Expedition Skills

This module is aimed at British Canoeing Leaders wanting to expand their knowledge and experience of guiding in their chosen environment. Exploring expeditions from day trips to multi day, UK and overseas journeys. Throughout the module, Leaders will be provided with top tips and a valuable insight to making the most out of journeying with your chosen craft.

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Environment and Sustainability

Much of the enjoyment we derive from paddling is created by a thriving natural environment, which we as guides have a responsibility to protect. As Guides, we are ambassadors for the environment, ensuring our activities have minimal impact.

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This module is designed to follow on from the leadership principles explored within the British Canoeing Leadership Awards, broadening the attendee’s knowledge of leadership and to get them to consider their style, how it may impact on their groups, and whether it is always the best strategy.

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Customer Experience

This module is aimed at British Canoeing Leaders wanting to expand their knowledge and experience in customer experience and putting them at the forefront of trips and journeys.

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Trip Planning and Organisation

Decision making for trip planning and organisation starts potentially months ahead of getting on the water. There are many factors in play over the planning timeframe. Some are intangible and cannot be changed like the hazards, whilst others, like the selection of the team of paddlers, are within a guide’s control to change and influence.

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