Northern Lights Expedition 2020


Sea Kayak / Dog Sled / Ski Tour


18-25 January 2020

Arctic Norway Expedition 2020


Arctic Islands Expedition


25 May – 1 June 2020

“Guiding people in this environment is unique. I’m always looking for that wow factor, that expectation that around the corner is something that is going to blow people’s mind. It’s an amazing honour and pleasure to be able to experience that as a guide.” – Jeff Allen


Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen first started kayaking as a young boy in the cub scout’s, when he was about 7 or 8 years old, then later on in the sea cadets and then as a young soldier in the British Army.

In fact it was whilst serving in Cyprus, with the United Nations that he would see his first real sea kayak, three brand new, shiny Valley Nordkap’s waiting on the beach, all ready to go on Expedition.

Jeff Allen Portrait
68°14'21.4"N 14°31'44.1"E


Expedition sea kayaking is all about freedom, the freedom to explore remote coastlines, self supported, carrying all of your essential items with you and supplementing them as you go with fresh fish, food foraged along the shore and occasionally visiting areas that are inhabited so that you can re-supply yourself with stores as they run dry.


Expedition Paddler offer trips to suit all abilities of kayaker and have been running kayaking trips around the world for over 8 years and know the best locations to paddle and explore in each place we visit.


Looking for guidance on kayaks and equipment? Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to have a chat about your requirements to give you the best experience on the water!

Expedition Paddler is the South West’s Rockpool Kayaks Dealer.